I have no regrets

My youth, I have no regrets

People say: childhood is the golden. I think, childhood unworldly, with no distractions, is pure and transparent. But youth is entering the lifegarden, a riot of colours, fresh, romantic, full of vigour, this is the realgold. Adults like a tiger, but goes; the setting sun is red, but it was near dusk.

Youth people sigh: I am young, who will I be afraid of?.

Because the young, to see the world with the unique light, in order towould rather break than bend spirit against "can take temporary setbacks" teachings, how beautiful youth, youth without regret.

Youth is beautiful, because it is full of vitality. We always diligently roam inthe ocean of knowledge, not tired. Because we are full of vitality of thegrass, and not greenhouse flowers. Look! Volunteer in total we figure, to serve the community, for the elderly service. Awfully, although the pearlysweat drip down, but my youth, I have no regrets.

Of course, it is not perfect, life setbacks. However, frustration where fear,we will go with passion, then what I fear, we have the target time. Because we have youth.

Youth is not too long. Flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is short, but who can say that it is not the beauty! Because it is short, onlygive people infinite attachment. There are countless times can beEpiphyllum now, but you are only young once, since we have suchprophetic vision, why not arrived at it and hold it!

The youth is a beautiful scenery line, some people rushed out, have gained nothing, to old age is always too late to regret. Some people enjoytheir own wonderful, look attractive, to lead a person to endless aftertastes in old age. This is two completely different two kinds of life,whether also bring us a feeling?

It is for everyone, it is fair. We have "fearless" spirit, only because I have youth, I have no regrets.

Let our youth in the growing, let the youth grew up in growth.

Because only one: my youth, I have no regrets.

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